A guide for the New Year!

From inexpensive televisions for a bedroom or study, to large-screen stations that give you a cinema-like experience at home, there are hundreds of TVs available to buy in markets and online. While it's good to have such a vast amount of choices available to you, it's difficult to know where's the best place to buy a tv.

This guide will help you choose on the type, size and price range of the television you are after.

We rigorously test the newest TVs to help you to choose the most perfect model for you. We acquire every TV that we test and don't take compensation, so you can be certain that our articles are legitimate.

How much will I need to spend?

TV prices can begin at under $100, but almost all televisions are priced higher. Prices can even vary within the same screen size; for example, we've in the past tested 32"32-inch TVs which have cost under 200 dollars and ones priced at over $1,000 (we're not kidding). A good quality 40 to 42-inch TV will typically cost between $400 and 4700, while jumbo screen TVs of 50 or 55-inches begin at around $800.

It's best to decide on your budget before you hit the boutiques or browse the online distributors, and check around for the best possible price. With TVs now mostly offering better value than ever, you may actually get more for your money in terms of size and features than you could before.

What size TV should I purchase?

This question might cause disagreements in some households, but keep in mind that you can buy a great TV in any size. Many people still prefer 32-inch TVs, but large screen televisions between 40 and 43-inches are growing increasingly popular, too. Some families go even bigger, including 50 and 55-inch sets, but keep in mind bigger doesn't always mean better.

The most important thing to consider is the size of the room in which you will be placing the TV. If space is small, a large TV just might not fit where you choose to put it. Make sure to measure the place, and then don't be scared to go to the boutique armed with a tape measurer device.

Should I buy HD or 4K?

HDTVs have been around for a while now and they come in two types. HD-Capable TVs are less costly than ones labeled as Full HD, or HD Ready 1080p. Both can handle broadcast HD television, but it is ideal to go for a Ultra or full HD set if you are capable as that means you'll also get the most out of blu-ray movies.

A new line of TV is now ready to purchase with 4K Ultra HD resolution. These TVs have about four times the pixels of the previously mentioned Full HD models, and therefore they can display videos with even greater detail.

There's not many 4K Ultra HD-quality videos to view at the moment beyond a handful of web videos, but a good 4K TV could better your original viewing, too. If you're consider upgrading, then you should very much buy a 4K TV, especially since decent quality ones are available now for close to $700.

However, keep in thought that there's not much point purchasing a 4K TV under 40-inches, as you need the greater screen to truly appreciate the change in picture quality. Also, prices of televisions are starting to decrease.